Please don’t overload your skip bin with excessive weight as our trucks wont be able to lift it, nor overfill past the top rim of the bins sides, thank you.

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If you are ordering a Just Skips bin for the first time, there are a few basis things that we should highlight, so neither of us gets into any strife with the environmental authorities.

For example, we cannot accept -

• car or truck tyres

• asbestos, poisons or toxic waste

• paints or oils

• gas bottles

• food waste

You should only fill the bin level with the top as overfilling will incur a surcharge. When filling a 6m3 bin with soil or concrete, fill only to the low sides, otherwise we will be over the weight limit.

Bin deliveries are made to the footpath only. If we are required to place the bin inside the property, we shall do so with all care but no responsibility.

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Make sure you don’t overload your skip bin